Quotes from ancient sages


"The greatest power is that of the mind. But the mind, like a restless unruly horse is not steady. But when Yoga disciplines the restive mind, and man controls his mind, his mind is then ruled by the all-pervasive soul. Such a man gains control of all the powers of the world"

"The good or bad of one's actions must be examined every moment. And to test one's actions, man has only one touchstone - and that is this thought: should I die this moment, how will my Karma be assessed?. Hence if one has erred, it must be set right at once. One must never think today's wrong can be set right tomorrow. Sometimes Time doesn't give tomorrow a chance.

The path of Dharma needs the light of knowledge. If this light of knowledge is absent, Dharma stumbles in this darkness like a blind man."

"Where there's life, there's death. Where there is good fortune, there is misfortune. Try to grasp happiness, and the sorrow in its shadow will also be your lot. So, he who is detached from both joy and sorrow and merges into the soul, finds eternal bliss. This is salvation."

"Rain falls equally on trees and shrubs. But one has red flowers and other has yellow flowers. Simlarly, the same knowledge affects different beings differently depending on their innate culture."

"Words inscribed on stone can never be erased. But what's written on water stays not a second. Anger and enmity must remain in the mind only as long as a word written on water remains".

"One can give things other than riches. A sweet word, or a loving smile are far more valuable than mere money"

"Every being is God's incarnation. But caught in the snare of his own illusions one does not know his own self. By knowing one's own self and the divinity within, one can free himself from these illusions"