Quotes from Bhagawat Gita


Lord Sri Krishna speaks..

"While doing your duty, let me tell you, never bring in any of the attitudes of the outer self. Anger, hate, jealousy, attachment, all pertain to the outer self"

"Be in oneness with your Inner Self and do all of your duties; nothing will touch you or pollute you. This living in identity with your Inner Self will give you the attitude of equanimity. An equanimous view of everything that you come across, whether it is men or material, is the ultimate goal of life"

"The mind is fickle; it is in fact villainous, it won't obey you. Know therefore that you should be in the driver seat of this vehicle, that is the body-mind-intellect. Every time the mind misbehaves, bring it back to the equanimous position by using your discretionary intellect. You have to do this constantly and continuously. Never chicken out. You may have to carry on this struggle life after life until you succeed. You will succeed, if you have My Grace"

"To obtain My Grace, you have to first recognize that nothing moves in this world except by My Will. I am the Master-Director of this universe. Everything has arisen from Me and everything will come back to Me at the time of dissolution. I am the One that exists ever, before and after. I am the Father of this Universe. What you see as this universe is only my show. It is only a projection from My Power. It will vanish in due time"

"He who sees Me in everything and everything in Me, he is the one who has the right vision"

"Each man is a mixture of all the three tendencies: divinely noble, vibrantly restless and indolently dull. The wise man transcends all these three qualities. He is the One who can see the Oneness of the Lord amidst all the multiplicities of the Universe"

"Whether it is enlightenment, or involvement, or delusion, one should not hate what has come into one's experience and one should not desire what has been missed in one's experience. Such a person is the one who is earmarked for ultimate Salvation"

"Surrender even your will to me. Then you become the instrument of My will and your actions will not bind you. Your actions will indeed turn out to be automatically good for the rest of the world because they are thereafter actions according to My Will. Once you surrender yourself like this to Me, I will take care of you both here and hereafter."